“How long will it take you to get me to page one of Google?”

19 Sep

This is a question that we hear on a regular basis and we’re sure that it is a question that absolutely all SEO companies hear from time to time. Blatantly the people asking do not know much about the industry and it is completely understandable that they want to see great rankings right away. Failing to grasp how SEO works these people often try to force deadlines in which simply aren’t possible, not understanding that like many great things it is a process that takes time.

People are often discouraged by SEO as they cannot be told a definite time for when they will be in the positions that they desire, they want to be there straight away but this simply is not an option. From our own experience we know that this can often cause worry to people but that worry is completely unnecessary, anyone seeking maximum rankings needs to be patient and in time they will reach the high rankings that they want.

The speed in which one attains SEO results is based on various factors including the quality of the SEO in which they have in place, the health of their site, the DA level of the link backs, the competition level and where they are currently ranking. Many other factors also need to be taken into place but if you leave this to SEO specialists you will be able to rest assured knowing that they are doing everything they can to raise your rankings in the shortest time possible.

SEO requires strategy!

When trying to rush SEO it has come to our attention that a large number of people/companies seem to push in the completely wrong direction, doing every little thing that could possibly help, all at once with the hope that one of their techniques will work. This is not the way in which it should be done. This is not a strategy and can in fact ultimately be a harmful practise.

SEO should not be done in this way it should be streamlined into a carefully thought out strategy in which gets results every time, avoiding pointless techniques that aren’t effective and ultimately waste time. When it comes to SEO, if looking for the best possible results you are best leaving it to the professionals and ensuring that the company that you use know what they’re doing.

Would you like to put an effective SEO strategy in place?

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Gareth Owen