#SocialMediaMonday, with news and updates from #Twitter and #Pinterest.

25 Nov

Twitter has been enhanced with new search filters.

Twitter has enabled a new feature in which allows users to search exclusively from those that they follow, meaning that they will not return tweets from strangers or people that they do not know. Users will now have the option to alternate between top tweets and all tweets.

This update also includes a “trending timeline” that works by showing users which television shows and nearby events are currently trending. If you wish to see this timeline, simply click on the “discover tab”.

The reason for this update is so that users can easily find what they are looking for without having to go through a complete Twitter feed. Back in August Twitter tried to address with the blue connection lines but now they have decided that it is time to try a different strategy.

According to a Twitter spokesperson these updates should now be available both in the App Store and on Google Play.

Pinterest expands into Scandinavia and there are still more countries to be added. They have also introduced Place Pins.

Adding four new languages, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian Bokmal and Finnish there is absolutely no doubt that it is Pinterest’s turn to expand. The platform also plans to ass a further five languages before the year ends and an additional 10 languages in 2014.

The number of international users on the platform has increased by 125% since January and with so many languages now being added we are sure that they are going to expand further.

Pinterest have also added a new style of pin called Place Pins. These allow users to make a note of the locations in which the items they share on their pin boards are from.

Gareth Owen