#SocialMediaMonday, discussing some of the simple strategies people can use to gain more followers on #Twitter.

18 Nov

This weeks instalment of #SocialMediaMonday focusses on some of the simple ways to gain more followers on Twitter.

For many people Twitter can be a stressful experience. On other social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram that majority of users feel content as long as they’re being followed by their closest friends and loved ones, on Twitter however this is not the case and a high number of people do not seem to be happy unless they are gaining followers. If you are looking to gain new followers it is highly important that you do not go too over board otherwise you could look desperate, instead you should follow these simple steps.

Firstly you should ensure that you have chosen the correct image as this will be your first impression. When selecting your image it is key to choose one that can be identified when it is small. For a personal account you should use a picture of your face and for a business account you should use your company logo. After deciding on a picture your next step should be to write a good bio. When doing this you should briefly write what you do and what you like. If you would like to use a little humour that is fine and by many users it will probably be appreciated.

Once your profile is set up it is important that you update purchase effexor online your tweets consistently, this way your followers will be more likely to stick around. There isn’t a specific number of tweets-per-day that should be sent out but we have found that two a day works perfectly fine. Retweeting is also a great way of connecting with people that have similar interests. When looking for more readers using hashtags that are trending will assist you greatly and if you don’t like anything that’s trending you can also try and get your own to catch on, an example of this is out #SocialMediaMonday series. Twitter gets the most traffic at 9a.m, noon and 6p.m. therefore this is when you should aim to send tweets out, another good thing that you could do is too check which of your tweets have got the most attention and try and tweet at a similar time on different days.

Another great way to grab followers is to follow people that have similar interests to you, this is because these are the people in which are most likely to follow you back and retweet you, exposing you to their followers who are also likely to share the same interests. Tweeting questions can also be a good idea and it can get people to reply to your tweets, this will place you on their feeds, this is something that many celebrities do on a regular basis.

Gareth Owen