Gmail has seen a few updates recently, and it’s looking great.

28 Nov

With new updates being introduced every month or so there is no doubt that there’s many people struggling to keep track of all of the latest tools. When users finally start to get the grip of things, something else appears or changes impacting a user’s whole experience. In this post we will discuss a number of Gmail’s updates, allowing you to gain a better understanding and better your overall Gmail experience.


One of the major changes that we have seen is the revamped attachment UI. Now instead of having to download attachments to your desktops download folder, you will be able to save everything straight to Google Drive. It is even possible to send attachments straight to specific folders within your Google Drive. This is a much more efficient option and can save people from losing important documents etc.


Another update that you may have noticed to the Gmail interface is the new action buttons. You can find these in your inbox, just to the right of the email subjects. But what do they do? They work by scanning the contents of emails for relevant information, allowing users to complete tasks such as checking flights or booking reservations easily without having to even open an email.


The next one is a little more fun. Although Google products support an extremely wide array of languages, it can still be difficult for bilingual users who constantly have to switch between alphabets. It is now possible to write our characters, freehand, using your track pad or mouse. After doing so Google’s new input tools will work to transfer your handwriting into text.


The latest Gmail for iOS app has also seen changes, transforming into a platform for users to do some serious multitasking. When holding your iPad in landscape mode, the navigation bar will appear down the left hand side allowing you to switch between the new inbox tabs easily with just one tap.

Gareth Owen