RS Digital #SocialMediaMonday

11 Nov

This week’s edition of #SocialMediaMonday focuses on updates from Facebook, Google+, YouTube and Twitter. A lot has been happening in social media and we want to make sure you don’t miss a thing! As a professional social media marketing firm, it’s important for us to keep up to date.

Facebook thumb gets the thumbs-down!

When you’re browsing the internet in the next few weeks, you may notice something a little different about the Facebook Like button. What you may find is that the like button – estimated to be embedded on nearly 8 million websites and seen a total of 22 billion times a day – will no longer feature the symbolic thumbs-up icon. Instead, what you’ll find is a blue button with a white ‘f’ logo and ‘Like’ text.

Facebook product manager, Peter Yang, said that the new design is optimised for high resolution browsing.

But some Facebook users were perplexed by the move. Alicia Colombo asked, “Why would anyone change one of the most recognizable (sic) icons in the world? I don’t get it…”

We’re right there with you, Alicia. Here’s the new design for the new like button:

new FB like button

Increased Google+ Integration as YouTube comments are overhauled

In what seems to have been a week for change, YouTube users will have also realised that the commenting system on the popular video sharing website has been overhauled. Announced in September, this update sees more Google+ integration and new thread formatting. True to form, YouTube users are outraged!

The new comment system will see comments made by friends, family members and contacts in your Google+ Circle taking priority, appearing at the top of the page. Celebrities and popular YouTube personalities will also take priority over other users, with their comments appearing at the top of the page too.

The good news is that comments receiving a large number of up-votes and responses will remain at the top of the comments section, ensuring that regular YouTube users have their views heard and promoted.

But if you aren’t happy with the new comments layout you can opt to see “Newest First”.

Twitter makes market debut with IPO (and Twitter execs richer)

Twitter made their public debut last Thursday, suddenly rising in value from a predicted $26 per share to $44.90 per share. The 73% rise means that Twitter was valued at $31bn after its debut day as a public company. A total of 13 million shares were traded after becoming available on the New York Stock Exchange.

Twitter IPO

The news will be welcomed by Twitter executives and significant investors, many of whom added thousands, if not millions to their wallets.

Evan Williams, Co-Founder of Twitter, is estimated to have made the most money from Twitters market debut. It’s believed that Williams made something to the tune of $2.56 billion dollars!

Gareth Owen