SEO Trends To Look Out For In 2015

10 Dec

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the key to push your site to the top of a search engines results pages, but the system is ever changing, meaning you always need to be on your toes so you don’t get left behind. We at RS Digital have a skilled team to keep it all together for you, and achieve great results, and we’re ready for these expected trends to be key in 2015.

 The Social Trends of 2015 

No More Black Hat 

The first thing to mention when discussing predicted trends is how Negative SEO will receive further attacks from Google, with harsher punishments set to be put in place, completely erasing Google search visibility to keep the integrity of search engines up. Black Hat techniques aren’t far off being completely eradicated, which can be devastating for a business who take the more dubious SEO route. All our techniques at RS Digital are of the White Hat variant.

Content and Technical Are Equal 

Technical elements will see a rise for online marketing, with content being a key component in driving search engine rankings. Ignoring either will be to your peril, and with a solid plan implementing both aspects of SEO, results should soar, especially with Black Hat techniques buy effexor xr generic taking harsher punishments.

Mobile Internet 

The way a site is opimitsed will also be key, with the surge of mobile phone users accessing the internet creating more optimisation for a company to implement. To be user friendly on a phone is key, and any errors found by Google are penalised. It pays to cater for all devices, not just the desktop.

The Value of Social 

With Google + no longer being an essential requirement for setting up a Gmail account, more value will be placed on the likes of Twitter and Facebook, which further increases the value seen with their ongoing rise. All three services will have equal footing at improving click-through rates and the removal of bias from Google makes their search engine a fairer place for all.

SEO and RS Digital 

RS Digital cover all White Hat techniques of SEO, and can bring a site up from the depths of Google to the front pages. Organic is the present and the future, and we’re always staying on top of the current SEO trends and evolutions. If you’re interesting in improving your websites online visibility, visit RS Digital main site and contact one of our knowledgeable and friendly team members for a free SEO review.


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Gareth Owen