SEO Refresher Course: Why You Need It

12 Aug

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the secret to online success, the sure fire method to obtain an online presence. Many businesses often fail to realise this, and wonder why their site isn’t receiving much in the way of traffic. This SEO refresher course will tell you what SEO is, the types, and the best way to implement it for your company site!

What You Need To Know

SEO is a process which involves using a variety of techniques that help sites search engine rankings rise. One of the main ways online users find websites is via search engines such as Google and Yahoo!, and the results provided by Google aren’t random when it comes to the order of results. Google have algorithms which are rules that sites must comply with if they hope to achieve a high online search engine ranking, and Google uses bots to track for keywords on the site. The right use of keywords can help a site see success on Google, but it depends which type of SEO you use.

There are two types of SEO, black hat and white hat, and it’s best to completely ignore the former. Black hat and white hat are the same in principle; a use of keywords and content help bring in results, but how much is where black hat and white hat differ. A black hat technique is spam based, whereas a white hat technique uses organic methods to help achieve the results. It might seem like going to black hat route creates quicker results, but they are only for the short term, as Google penalises any site which is deemed as spam. Content must be well written, key words must be used in context to the page.

The best way to make the most of SEO is to approach the experts. Doing SEO yourself is possible, but takes a lot of training and time, which can distract from your work. An online marketing company has been using SEO for years to help sites out, so it makes the most logical sense to approach a company who knows how to provide the results, without trial and error or lost time.

Local SEO differs slightly from traditional SEO, as it aims to focus on the key areas, but it takes a lot of knowledge and experience to get the best results. Something which RS Digital, a leading search engine marketing company, has.

SEO with RS Digital

At RS Digital, SEO is our speciality, and we provide a selection of methods which will work for your company, be it small or large. We can build and optimise your site so it fits all of Google’s rules for hitting the top search engine pages, and we have a content team in place to provide guest blogs and press releases which help provide offsite material to help further enhance your online visibility. The methods used are completely organic, and we provide top results for our clients without them having to spend a huge amount of money to get said results. Success comes at an affordable price with RS Digital.

It isn’t just SEO we offer either, and we can help with your social media and pay-per-click (PPC) marketing management, two ways to bring in extra revenue and traffic for your site. In 2015, it’s important to have a social presence and it can also benefit SEO thanks to the way links can be shared and viewed. PPC is a way to get instant results too while you wait for SEO to kick in. Both are useful and make perfect companions to SEO, and you can tailor your package to include everything you need with RS Digital!

And that’s the end of the SEO refresher course! If you want to get a boost in search engine rankings, give a member of the team a call on 01282 452 096 , and receive a free SEO review today!

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