5 SEO Mistakes To Avoid!

17 Aug

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is pivotal to making a dent on search engine sites such as Google and Yahoo!. Without SEO in place, websites tend to flounder at the back of Google, with the vast majority of users never straying from the first five pages, so the site remains lost. But the use of SEO only brings results when implemented properly, and these five SEO mistakes are common and must be avoided at all costs!

The Mistakes


Mobile Unfriendly 

Mobile Friendly is now an essential criteria Google tracks, and without it, ranking becomes a hopeless situation. You may design a great looking website, but if it falls apart when viewed on a phone, no one is going to be impressed. The site must be responsive and usable across all devices, something companies still don’t take note of.

Meta Repeat

When it comes to repetition Google doesn’t dig it. For repetition isn’t unique, repetition has no thought, repetition is just lazy, and for that Google will dock you hard. Meta titles need to explain why each page is unique, and if the pages aren’t, you probably don’t need it.

Keyword Overload

Keywords are important so Google can have your site crop up under the right search requests. But stuffing each page with them does the opposite. The bots see the overload and avoid it entirely. This is a technique which worked in the past, but the bots have evolved, and your site needs to adapt. Saying it once is better than saying it twenty times.

Ease of Access for Google

Google use a number of methods to determine how high a site should rank, but it has to be able to easily access said site. Having Sitemaps, and integrated Webmaster tools helps Google fully analyse the site, and it goes a long way in providing a high ranking, as Google will have all the details they need.

Poor Content 

If the content isn’t up to scratch, Google will know. While SEO is made to serve the bots of Google, it must also be able to serve real living humans, who can read the content and find some information without wondering just what it is they read. Content is key, and if its on the site or off the site via guest blogs or press releases, it has to read well. These Google bots are literate.

SEO with RS Digital

At RS Digital we don’t make SEO mistakes, and our organically driven campaign can help make sure your site utilises SEO properly. The above SEO mistakes show just how easy it is to get wrong, so with our web marketing services in control, you can rest easy that you aren’t going to sabotage your own site instead of helping it.

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