Be Secure by Summer: Google to Mark Non-HTTPS Sites as ‘Not Secure’

15 Feb

From July this year, after years of pushing for ‘secure by default’ websites, Google will be identifying insecure sites in the Chrome browser – labelling ALL sites that have failed to migrate to HTTPS as “not secure”.

In an earlier RS Digital blog post from back in August, you may remember us discussing the labelling of non-secure web pages, and by now, even if you did not read our post, you will have noticed it. Since January last year Google Chrome has been slowly introducing the marking of HTTPS pages so that web users can ensure that they are able to keep their information safe, with this warning now showing on an incredibly vast array of pages and websites.

The current way in which web users are able to identify whether a site is secure or not is by taking  place at its address bar – When a site is secure and deemed safe to use, you will see that it is labelled as ‘secure’, like ours above.

However when a webpage is not secure either an exclamation mark in a red triangle or  a small ‘I’ inside a circle appears in the left of the address bar which can be clicked for more information – with warnings such as the following showing:

“Your connection to this site is not secure. You should not enter any sensitive information on this site (for example, passwords or credit cards), because it could be stolen by attackers. Learn more.”

What is Changing

July is set to be a huge month for Google – They are going to be introducing their new speed update, and also marking all sites that have not migrated to HTTPS as “not secure”.

Coinciding with the release of Chrome 68, when web users visit unsecure websites from July they will not only see warning symbols in which they can click on for further details, but in the address bar their will also be the wording “Not secure” to make more users more easily aware that they websites that they are using aren’t to be fully trusted.

What to Do

With this in mind, if you are one of the companies whom are yet to migrate to HTTPS, it is now time. With time running out this is something in which website owners should be prioritising, and luckily for you here at RS Digital we are here to help. Depending on website size and the platform your website is built in migrating from HTTP to HTTPS can be quite some task, and also very time consuming. It can also be confusing for those whom don’t really know what they are doing. However, we are experts in this field and we have a lot of experience in doing this. We have already helped so many companies within a range of industries make the move and could help you too.

If you need your website transferring to HTTPS and would like our assistance please do not hesitate to contact our team who will be able to take care of this for you.

Remember, this is incredibly important, and if you fail to transfer your website to HTTPS before July you are likely to lose a lot of custom and business.

Contact our team today for more information.



Gareth Owen