If you have been sitting back thinking that you’re not going to be punished for overlooking page speed, you’re in for a shock. Google has recently announced that from July this year mobile page speed will become a ranking factor in mobile search, and in line with this, if you haven’t taken steps to speed your pages up, it is imperative that you do so now.

Google are referring to their new ranking algorithm that has been designed for mobile search as the ‘Speed Update’. This update is set to impact a small percentage of queries and a representative from Google has stated that only the pages which deliver the slowest experience to users are going to be impacted.

The great news is that the update is not set to go live until July, so people still have plenty of time to prepare and enhance their webpages.

What do you need to do?

The first thing that you need to do is measure your page speeds here. This will allow you to determine whether you pages are loading quickly already or whether they require improvement. Upon doing this as well as being provided with your scores, you will also be provided with a list of edits which you should make to get your pages to load faster.

Remember to not only look at your scores for searches on desktop, but also mobile as this is the area in which the update is going to be affecting.

We Can Help You

If your page speeds are not as high as you would like them to be, but you don’t have the time to make the changes needed, or simply do not have to the know-how of how to do so, do not worry, here at RS Digital we are here to help. Simply contact our team today whom will be able to work with you to ensure maximum results.

What are you waiting for?