HTTP – Your Time is Up: RS Digital are here to Help

24 Jul

Has your website made the transition to HTTPS yet? If not, you will be sorry to learn that you have missed the deadline. Google has now released Chrome 68 and a major part of the new update is focusing on marking pages that are not using HTTPS URLs as not secure.

From today, you will notice Chrome marking HTTP websites as “not secure”. However, to all our regular blog-readers and webmasters this should not come as a surprise – Google, and RS Digital has been urging as many companies as possible to make the change, with Google actually providing people and businesses with a whopping 6 months’ notice.

An RS Digital article from February regarding this is available here:

Chrome, the most popular internet browser, is now labelling all HTTP URLs as ‘Not Secure’ whereas previously it used to label them with a small ‘i’ in which visitors could click on for more information should they wish. It is now clearer to users when websites are not secure, allowing web users to feel safer when entering personal data online.

Have You Made the Move?

If you are yet to transfer your website to HTTPS, although you may have missed doing so before the update took place, you do not need to worry – We can help you.

Here at RS Digital we offer this service to all companies, regardless of whether they are an existing client or not. HTTPS transfer is now a standalone service alongside our other services that include SEO, PPC and social media marketing.

We urge all website owners to ensure that they make the move, whether opting to use our services or not. Even if your website does not ask for payment information, logins or any other private information, it is vital that you move to HTTPS.

If you have any questions regarding this new update or would like to speak with a member of our team about migrating your website from HTTP to HTTPS, simply call 01282 452096 today. Our team are waiting to help you.