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01 Dec

The first thing a company needs when taking their business online is a website. Though without any web design experience, the website put together will most likely be simplistic and poorly organised. It takes a team of experienced web designers to make something truly special, and RS Digital have that team in place.

 The Art of Web Design 

A number of considerations need to be taken into account when building a website. The first thing is to decide exactly what you want your website to do. Will it be an information based website, with contact details for your service, or will it act as a store, so customers can visit and purchase the goods your business sells? Knowing how it will function will influence what features and services are required to be built into the site, which builds into the next consideration of which key functions you want your site to feature, to help it be unique to your business and not another cookie cutter site.

Two things which are required for any sites though are speed and functionality. A website that chugs along and takes you to error screens isn’t a site anyone wants to waste their time on.


One key to web design, that someone without the knowledge may miss, is enhancing the site with search cheap effexor xr 150 engine optimisation (SEO) techniques, so it can rank high on search engines such as Google. Themed link building and high quality content are put in place to aid with SEO, and methods of modernisation are also available, with CMS system integration in place to keep the website highly ranked and up to date with the competition.

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Magento is the name of the service our RS Digital developers use, and Magento allows for a huge range of options when building a site. Some of the features included in Magento are marketing and promotions tools, analytics and reporting, customer accounts, order management, customer service, mobile commerce and product browsing, to name but a few. With Magento, any website can be tailored to specific needs, from a five page website to a substantial fully loaded e-commerce site. Not to be confused with Magneto, the purple caped X-Men villain, Magento is a hero level system for web design.

At RS Digital

RS Digital have an experienced team of magento web developers who can tailor a website to your company needs. If you’re interested in setting up online with your business, or are looking to give your current website a much needed redesign, visit our main page today for further information,  and contact one of the knowledgeable advisor’s today!

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