Mobilegeddon- Multi-device Use Can Change Your Brain

10 Aug

With Google recently making changes to its mobile website, many businesses lost out because they had underestimated the power of mobile in their digital marketing strategy. Dubbed ‘mobilegeddon’ the incident shed light on the importance of not neglecting the significance of mobiles in the consumer experience. Recent research suggests that customers are increasingly becoming adept at juggling multiple devices in their online interactions. Many can use their laptops, mobiles and televisions simultaneously and report very little friction in switching between these.

This must be doing something to our brains, right?
mobileYes. Recent research by HeyHuman suggests that what we consider ‘multi-tasking’ is in fact ‘task switching’. They conducted research to see the effects that this new multi-screen approach would have on the neurological make-up of individuals. They suggest that this neurologically this manifests is an increase in cognitive load and a decrease in recall and correct attribution about messaging with multi-screening.

At the SXSW global tech conference in Texas earlier this year, they presented the results with crucial messages for businesses and anyone remotely connected to marketing: keep it simple. Too much information can get missed by our busy and overwhelmed brains.

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Gareth Owen