Meaningful Optimised Content

11 Jul

RS Digital prides itself in producing copy for your website that is not just about improving rankings and traffic, but also about giving customers and web users what they want: meaningful content. This is a term that relates to providing an intelligent and useful resource. After all, the reason why people browse and stumble on internet sites, is because they are seeking information or entertainment. Thus, what better way of making sure that your site becomes a favourite source of both of these and book marked, than by asking us to help provide it.

The term ‘meaningful content’ is used in journalistic circles to refer to articles and features holding relevance to the audience. For them to be meaningful, they have to hit certain ‘buttons’ within the readership of a paper, the listenership of a radio station, or the viewers of a news programme on the television. Firstly, the journalist will need to understand who the audience is, what fundamental needs they have, how they live their lives, and what their habits are. This information can be found by drilling down through: socio-economic groupings, audience research, post-code research, census data and consumer feedback.

This is also the best way of approaching the content on your website – and it is a task that RS Digital is expert at: understanding your audience. We have access to the data necessary for judging who is likely to: search for your website, what they will be looking for, when they will be doing this and what kind of calls to action are likely to engage with them.

Gareth Owen