Call to Action

08 Jul

Website content is not just about producing words to fill a page – it is about engaging with someone in a way that allows you to influence them in a number of ways. Some people will purely wish to let their audience gain from their wisdom or knowledge while others will have the aim of guiding their audience towards making a decision. This decision will either have the result effect of changing and forming opinions, or it will end up with the person in question making a purchase. This final conclusion to a web page’s purpose is often termed as a call to action. It means that whoever is browsing your content does not leave your site without actually doing something.

RS Digital works by making sure there are calls to action at the right places on your web page to make sure potential customers are taken a little nearer to your till. The call to action can sometimes be as blatant as a command such as: buy now! However, internet users are no fools, by and large. They need to know why they should buy now. What benefits are there of buying now? These need to be clear and well designed into the page.

A more subtle approach can be used to formulate a call to action. Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a system of understanding human interaction and what influences people in the way they form judgements and process information. One part of NLP outlines how embedded commands can be used to encourage people to make a decision or take an action.

Talking to RS Digital allows you to benefit from this kind of knowledge and experience.

Gareth Owen