Trust online

19 Jul

Trust is important in everyday business. After all, if you do not trust a product or service, then you are unlikely to buy it. In the same way, trust is imperative online. People need to know that they will be given a reliable service, within agreed time frames and to a specified specification. If they do not have faith that this will happen, then the service or product that you offer on your website will not be bought.

How can you gain this trust from someone who you have never met and who may be on the other side of the planet?

RS Digital can advise you on methods of making your service transparent and trustworthy online. If you run an online shop, then we may advise you in ways of adding a customer feedback function to your site. This allows people who have already had a great experience to tell others about it. Adding social media functionality to this, such as share/follow/like buttons can help customers tell their networks about what a wonderful product or service you have.

We also can discuss with you the other methods of building that level of trustworthiness within the visitors to your website. You could consider asking us to build into your site online profiles of your experts and how their testimonials can drive clients in from places such as Linked-In.

A key tip is to be open and honest about what you do – show them where you are, what you look like and build a human relationship with them by explaining what your values are.

Gareth Owen