A Google Penguin Update Too Far?

01 Apr

Google have a love of naming their updates with the animals they love. It’s a cute way to make the often challenging algorithm updates a little bit more fun, but the head of the Google Penguin team has perhaps gone a little too far with the latest update, and it’s driving companies wild.

The April Penguin 

The new update demands that all pages must contain unique images of penguins and contain the word penguin at least five times.Having weak penguin based jokes in the footer of the site is an optional rule, and Google bots may be influenced by the jokes they deem funniest. It’s truly amazing what bots can do when they crawl sites these days.

For sites which don’t follow these rules, Google will stamp down on the sites by dropping the rankings and removing all vowels from the text. A stuffed toy of the feathered friend will be sent via post to add insult to the injury. These updates are incredibly buy venlafaxine er online serious and not keeping up with any of the changes will prevent sites from finding the success they want on the web.

A spokesperson for Google said, ‘Well I just love the furry little critters. The way they waddle, the way they slide on their bellies. I mean, who wouldn’t want them popping up on every page of the web? And this new rule will bring joy to all!’

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