Facebook are aiming for more ‘High Quality’ content with News Feed change whilst Apple has bought Twitter trends tool Topsy for $200m

03 Dec

Facebook aiming for more ‘High Quality’ content with News Feed change


Facebook has made changes to the way its News Feed works, altering the algorithm in a bid to provide users with “high-quality” articles. The move is aimed at giving users more story and news links. It’s thought that the move will limit the number of meme photos appearing in News Feeds.


“This means high-quality articles you or others read may show up a bit more prominently in your News Feed,” explained two Facebook engineers in a blog post.


Recommended articles are also set to be rolled out as a feature. If you click on an article in your news feed you’ll be provided with relevant recommendations beneath it.


Apple buys Twitter trends tool Topsy for $200m


Apple has bought Twitter-focused buy venlafaxine online uk analytical tool Topsy Labs in a move which is predicted to improve the company’s advertising services. The deal, according to The Wall Street Journal, is worth upwards of $200m.


Topsy is one of the only companies in the world to have unrestricted access to Twitter’s entire data stream. The firm also has a searchable database of every tweet ever sent – over 400 billion, if you’re wondering!


Topsy gives users a means of analysing tweets and measuring message, hashtag and campaign reach.  The purchase has been seen by some experts as unusual, given that there is no clear product use for Apple. Some suspect that Apple will use Topsy to make it easier for their customers to share media, such as videos and photos, to Twitter.

Gareth Owen