April 21st Is Here! Is Your Site Mobile Friendly?

21 Apr

It’s been a date many companies have been preparing for, and it’s now finally here! April 21st is the day Google now take into account if a site is mobile friendly or not when determining it’s search rankings, and those not prepared, well today might be the mobileageddon! The only way to rise back up is to have your site able to be fully responsive across both desktop and mobile sites, and at RS Digital we can help you keep up to date with the algorithm changes Google puts in place.

The Era Of Mobiles

More now than ever people use mobile devices to browse the web, and the way sites run on these devices is completely different to how they run on desktops. Everything might seem okay if the site is running smoothly on desktops, but on a mobile it might be stuttering, crashing and failing to load pages. These issues are obviously going to put people off wanting to stay on the site, or return, and Google have decide that this should be a determining factor when choosing how high websites should rank on their popular search engine service. It’s not a cruel new rule to pull companies under the rug, it’s a way for sites to modernise and help make the user end experience smooth. Plus a mobile friendly site will ultimately benefit the company who has the responsiveness, and people are more likely to make a purchase if they can access all the sites content with ease.

Rank Up With RS Digital

If you’re struggling to get your site noticed on Google, it’s best to approach a website marketing company to get your site up to scratch, and RS Digital offer a range of services to help you in every aspect of online business. We have teams in place to build websites, engage with users over social media, use search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques to help sites rank on Google, and can help make your site mobile friendly. It may be judgement day as Google are now ranking sites based on if they’re mobile friendly or not, but there is always a way to clamber back up with our help. It’s time to embrace the mobile age!
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