Your mobile search questions, answered!

10 Apr

If you don’t have a mobile friendly website, people searching for your services or products on a mobile will struggle to find you on Google. With such a vast amount of people in our generation buying things or booking services straight from their smartphones, business owners need to realise the importance of preparing for mobile search!

In this blog post we are going to answer what we consider the five most frequently asked questions’ regarding mobile SEO and Google’s fast approaching algorithm change.

Q 1: Why do we need a mobile friendly website?

A 1: This is probably the question that we have been asked the most & if you have been keeping up with our blog you will already know. Google is going to roll out a mobile-friendly algorithm starting April 21st – Websites that aren’t mobile-friendly will get lower rankings on search engine than they would if they were optimised.

Q 2: How can I tell if a page is mobile-friendly?

A 2: One of the easiest and quickest ways to see if a page is mobile-friendly or not is to use Google’s mobile-friendly test tool which can be found here –

Q 3: Why doesn’t traffic from mobiles buy effexor xr 75mg convert well?

A 3: There are many reasons for poor conversion rates on mobiles including; having content that doesn’t fit pages well – forcing people to zoom and leaving them struggling to click on links, having pages that have too much information or other distractions such as unwanted noise & having pages that contain elements such as Flash that don’t render on mobiles.

Q 4: What is the best mobile configuration?

A 4: This depends on a number of factors but the three configurations for mobile sites that Google recognises are responsive design, dynamic serving and separate mobile sites.  We highly advise getting good technical consultants such as ourselves to help you decide what the best route is for you.

Q 5: Do mobile-friendly websites still require SEO?

A 5: Of course! “Mobile-friendly” just means that your website will render well on a mobile device. Just because you site looks good on mobiles doesn’t mean that it is optimised for mobile search.

Is your website mobile-friendly yet? There isn’t long left! If you would like to discuss your options or if you have any additional questions to ask that aren’t answered above, give our team a call on 01282 452 096 today.




Gareth Owen