Adapt your content using ethical SEO

07 Nov

One of the very important parts of search engine optimisation (SEO) is keyword placement, to run an ethical campaign you must limit the amount of keywords used in a piece of content. There are restrictions on the amount of keywords which can be used within each block of content, the amount of keywords you can use depends on the amount of words which are in your content. If you over use your keywords within a piece of content it is unethical SEO and your website can be penalised.

It is very important that you only use ethical SEO on your website, if you try to put your own SEO into place you could end up in the grey area between ethical and unethical SEO and this will cause you problems as you will be unable to achieve your full search engine ranking potential. It can be very tempting to overuse keywords because it allows you to see a sudden increase in ranking but once your website has been discovered as using unethical SEO it will plummet and getting it back to its original ranking will take a lot of hard work and effort. It really is not worth using unethical techniques on your website.

At RS Digital we have a team of qualified copywriters who will write original content for your website following the SEO guidelines ensuring that each piece written for you is ethical and only contains your keywords the correct amount of times. Our team will also be able to write blog posts, articles, and press releases for submission.

Gareth Owen