SEO or PPC, Why not choose both!

05 Nov

At RS Digital we can help you find the very best way to advertise your company online. There are two main methods used which are search engine optimisation (SEO) and pay per click (PPC), these both work individually and when put together can produce great results.

Search engine optimisation, works with the organic listings on the search engine pages, you will want to increase your search engine ranking so that you can see more traffic directed to your website, the only way to do this is by putting SEO in place. SEO works on and off the pages of websites using techniques such as keyword placement, link building, and website design. It is very important that these techniques are used correctly to produce you with the very best results. You will find that when these techniques have been put into place your website will gradually increase in its search engine ranking and you will begin to see an increase in traffic directed to your website.

Pay per click does not affect the search engine rankings and instead works with the paid listings which are a much smaller section of the results pages. PPC can be used in many different ways, some companies choose to run a campaign while they are putting SEO into place and waiting to see the results, other companies will use them to run alongside SEO but to act as a promotional device offering special offers and sales. You can choose to use PPC how you wish, one of the main benefits is that you are not restricted by your search engine ranking and so your PPC advertisement can be displayed at a position which you can afford.

SEO and PPC work very well together and more and more companies are choosing to make use of the benefits that running both campaigns can offer.

Gareth Owen