Google Buys Odysee, Bridging Mobile and Desktop for Google+ Users

25 Feb

Google+ isn’t letting itself get left behind as Twitter and Facebook introduce new features, and Odysee is the latest purchase made by the company to provide more functionality and innovation to the service.

What Odysee Sees and Does

The last purchase Google made for their Google+ service was Polar, a polling service which allows users to create polls to ask important questions, such as ‘Are you right handed or left handed’ and it’s a feature that Google+ users have taken to, to ask the pointless, fun, and interesting questions which draws in users and engagement.

The new purchase, Odysee, will improve the photo features on Google +, as Odysee’s previous service allowed users to back photos up from a phone onto a desktop. The service shut down on the 23rd February after the Google buyout, and this feature is expected to return in some capacity on Google+, allowing users to backup their photos, no matter where they are stored. Social media is an incredibly competitive area, and for networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to coexist, offering unique features to separate the three services is key.

The importance of Google+ for a business

At RS Digital we offer a range of search engine optimisation (SEO) services, and social media is one of the areas we cover. Social media can help expand a business’s online presence, and Google+ is particularly useful for SEO as posts made through Google+ have a high chance of being seen on Google’s search engine. Our social media team can set up Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin profiles for your company, and even provide a voice to engage directly with the desired audience. Social media is a key partner to SEO, and the two can help your business see success on the net.

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