What major brands are using Vine?

29 Aug

Xbox, HTC, Puma and Urban Outfitters are just a few of the major brands currently using Vine!

It is understandable that many people do not know how to create complex video productions; this is because their talents and interests simply lie in other fields. This however does not mean that these people have to miss out; Vine enables all to create simple, six-second looping videos that can then be shared on social networking sites Facebook and Twitter.

Looking to demo or tease a product? If so this could be both the greatest and simplest way to do so. In the six seconds that Vine offers it is possible to show off the best features of any product or business, allowing potential customers to engage and create an initial interest.

How could you use Vine?

Vine works exceptionally well for social media marketing when running alongside a search engine optimisation campaign. For companies with an upcoming webinar or conference these short videos could definitely come in handy! They provide you with the option to present quick snippets of what people are going to be able to expect from you and also enable you to take people behind the scenes!

Connecting with fans is also an issue that should be carefully considered. To connect with them on a more personal level and help create a deeper understanding of your company use Vine to take them inside your office or store, showing your employees behind the scenes. With potential customers and clients understanding all of the hard work that you put into your services they will be able to understand how passionate you are and gain ultimate confidence in you.

Gareth Owen