Facebook promotions gets overhaul for business

29 Aug

A change to Facebook for business use makes running promotions and competitions easier and less restrictive than before. Due to an updated new promotions policy, Facebook business accounts can now run promotions/competitions from within the Facebook timeline and no longer require access from third party apps.

The social networking mammoth has designed the update to help companies manage and create promotions within the platform, streamlining the process and cutting down on admin time. Saving on third party user capture and admin times can help social marketers put more time in to the quality of the promotions.

Collect contest entries within Facebook

Social Media Marketing has always required third party apps to carry out certain actions such as collecting together contest entries. In the official Facebook post it states that Facebook now provides the ability to collect entries by users liking or commenting on a promotion post, posting to the page or sending the page a message. In addition, when a contest order effexor online needs to be judged off number of likes a post gets, this can now be done from inside the platform.

When approached for a quote, a Facebook representative said “the new promotions policy makes it even easier for smaller businesses to help build awareness for a new product, promote the opening of a new location, sell inventory or advance other business objectives” providing social media managers with a host of new opportunities for advertising.

In addition to the promotions policy updates, Facebook are putting stricter regulations on tagging people from business pages. There are also restrictions on users tagging themselves in posts or content that they are not directly a part of.

So what does this mean for businesses out there? RS Digital are pleased with the updates as we feel it encourages more natural promotion and should eliminate some spam from the network. What do other users think? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Gareth Owen