UPDATE: Instagram Launch New Update Containing Selfie Filters

15 May

The selfie filters on Snapchat has been a huge success amongst Snapchat lovers, but now Instagram has also launched similar selfie filters, in order to please their users.

Instagram which recently followed Snapchinstagramat with their stories, have once again followed in their footsteps by updating their stories with selfie filters. The Instagram filters work the same as Snapchat however instead of activating it by tapping the screen to find your face, Instagram have made it simple for all, not to mention they have also added a button to bring up the filters. This feature is set to take Instagram by storm.

This new update on Instagram will welcome people with the IOS and Android app. The new app update doesn’t just contain selfie filters, but others things, such as, being able to draw and erase on the picture, rewinding videos, tagging your location and adding stickers like hashtags.

Instagram aims for these filters was to appear to people of all ages, they have chosen eight simple filters which aren’t considered as ‘wacky’ to ensure that adults can join in on the fun as well. So what filters can you expect to find? Instagram has decided to use eight different selfie filters which include: Gold crown, koala features, nerd glasses, bunny features, butterfly crown, ice crown, peacock features and makeup.

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Gareth Owen