Twitter announces their plans to sync direct messages across all devices!

07 Jul

Luck has finally come to those who love to send direct messages on Twitter.  The company have announced that included in the new app updates will be the syncing of direct messages across ALL devices.  But what does this mean? And how will it affect you?

Messages will no longer be marked unread on other devices after they have already been opened!  Currently when using the DM facility on Twitter when you open a message on your Android phone or iPhone you may have noticed that when returning to your desktop app it is still marked as read. This can be incredibly confusing and it is something that is going to change.

Other improvements will include an enhanced mobile search and a Connect tab on Twitter for the Mac which will highlight interactions including favourites, retweets and mentions. When searching for people on Twitter you will not be able to view their full bio whilst on your iPhone, Android or iPad. Twitter engineer Josh Hoyt say’s this that this will enable people to learn more about the accounts they are looking for, quickly and efficiently.

Gareth Owen