Tweeting for pizza

14 May

Over the past couple of years we have already seen Domino’s using technology in innovative ways to stay in tune with both existing and potential customers but the latest trick is better than any before – allowing you to order on Twitter.

The company revealed the tweet-based ordering facility on Tuesday, making the most out of the already popular pizza emojis.  A number of other companies have already tried to use this technique however, Domino’s are unique in making the option to ‘tweet to order’ permanent as opposed to a limited promotion.

How will it work?

This is actually incredibly simple.  First of all anyone that is looking to order in this way will have to register their Twitter handle on the Domino’s Pizza Profile. After that, when looking to order, they can tweet either #EasyOrder or the pizza emoji to the Domino’s Twitter handle. Once this is done they will receive a direct message from the company to confirm their order and the Easy Order that’s saved in their profile. It will then be delivered to their home to enjoy!

Is this service available in the UK?

Unfortunately at present this is limited to U.S. customers only but it is definitely something that we here at RS Digital and many others in the UK would like to see in the future.  Who knows, if the plan goes successfully in America, we see no reason why it shouldn’t expand to other regions across the globe!



Gareth Owen