The importance of choosing the right keywords for your SEO campaign.

27 Jul

There is much truth in the adage of taking the time to careful tread in unfamiliar waters, and none as apparent as those connected with the realms of search engine optimisation (SEO). When starting a campaign, especially for the first time, there are so many things to consider, some with more relevance than others but all roughly as equal in importance as the others. There are usually a set number of steps in the beginning stages of an ethical website development campaign and a good starting point would be consideration of the keywords that you would want to use to find your website online.

The reason why this point has been raised is simply for the fact that to optimise a website properly and to have a good chance of effectively optimising within the margins of a competitive industry, a particular amount of care needs to be placed on what keywords are realistically obtainable. For example, if you are a high street independent florist and you wish to create an SEO campaign to generate business within a certain radius, choosing to even attempt to optimise the keyword ‘flowers’ would simply be impossible and dare say it ‘counter-productive’ to your SEO efforts.

The enormity of the phrase just means that the keyword would not be possible to use on its own for your website without spending vast amounts of money, challenging the larger florists such as Interflora and Going Dutch. In the most parts highly generic keywords and search terms are nigh on impractical and not viable for a small business with a set location covered. This is where a seo company such as RS Digital comes into play, generating an analytical overview of your website and choosing less generic keywords such as ‘Florists in (local area)’ from a list of viable and easily identifiable examples.

Gareth Owen