Three Social Media engagement hacks

08 Feb

Whether you are in search for some new Social Media advertising ideas or you are simply looking for a way to promote engagement – you have come to the right place! Engagement on Social Media is absolutely vital when it comes to spreading brand awareness and/or growing an audience and here we have put together 3 key tips that could assist you hugely:

Know your audience. In order for you to run a successful Social Media campaign, you must know your audience – this will enable you to know what they’re going to enjoy and in turn be likely to respond to.

  • RESEARCH various social channels to find out which ones are used the most by the audience that you would like to reach
  • RESEARCH what topics your targeted audience care about and enjoy and find out what #Hashtags they use

Build relationships. Of course, your ultimate goal will be to sell your brand and products but it is important that you don’t repetitively push your products in your audience faces day after day or they will simply become uninterested and leave you.

  • CREATE a method that will enable your fans and followers to share your product and brand in a fun and unique style
  • ASK fans and followers to get involved with competitions and quizzes etc.
  • COMMUNICATE with your audience as well as listening to them

Have a plan. Without a proper plan in place – you will probably fail. You should first of all identify what your aim is and what you are going to do to make it work.

  • USE simply call-actions in order to get people to complete goals (Look at the ALS ice bucked challenge as a great example)

Social Media with RS Digital

Social Media can take up a lot of time, when done properly, and especially at the beginning of a campaign. If you don’t have time to take it on yourself, or perhaps you feel you don’t have the knowledge or experience – we would love to help. Here at RS Digital we can complete thorough research for you and run your campaigns for an affordable fee! If you would like to talk with a member of our team about this call 01282 452096

Gareth Owen