Slow loading site? Say Goodbye to your Google rankings

15 Feb

As SEO and digital marketing experts, we already knew that there is an extremely strong tie between website speed and Google rankings and has been for a long time. However, a new study from Backlinko has confirmed this for us, and you – discovering that fast-loading websites noticeably outperform those slow loading sites in which many users simply can’t bear to use.

If you follow SEO and use SEO techniques this probably will not come as a shock to you! Google have previously openly stated that they use site speed as one of their signals in their search ranking algorithms and have said that this is to improve user experience. They don’t want to provide people with results that are poor and slow-loading, would you?

Fortunately for you, if you have a slow website, it shouldn’t actually be that hard to improve its speed. If you’re a WordPress user there’s a number of plug-ins that can be used boost site’s loading speeds and even if you don’t use WordPress, these three tips typically work for most websites:

  1. Consider the hosting that you are using. Some of the cheap hosting plans that are available aren’t awful however usually their servers aren’t optimised for speed.
  2. How big are your image file sizes? You’d be surprised how many websites are being slowed down due to large and often unnecessary files sizes. File sizes can often be compressed without sacrificing quality.
  3. Do you have a code optimiser? You should have! A quality coder will be able to analyse your code whilst keeping site-speed in mind and clean it up to make it faster.

If you have looked into these ways to improve your websites speed but feel that you would benefit from our professional services, we would be happy to help you. If you would like us to discover why your site is slow and fix the problem for you – give us a call today on 01282 452096.

Gareth Owen