#SocialMediaMonday with news and updates from social platforms Facebook and Twitter.

28 Oct

Facebook reapplies ban on beheading videos.


A number of reports, including ones from both the BBC and CNN have suggested that Facebook are allowing their users to post graphic videos of beheading on their social profiles.


Back in May Facebook temporarily banned videos of this nature but after taking a few months to review and deicide their best policy but as many of you may have already noticed this ban did get lifted. Last week the BBC was alerted by a reader when a gruesome video appeared on the social networking site, showing a women being beheaded. Commenting on the video was a mass of disturbed users, pleading for the video to be removed. This led to an investigation by the BBC.


Facebook’s “Rights and Responsibilities” page clearly say within the safety section that any kind of violence should not be posted, therefore these videos should not have been allowed on the social network at all! Facebook did agree to delete the video mentioned above and have said that they are going to look into strengthening the enforcement of its policies when it comes to violent or graphic content.


Is Twitter’s #Music app really shutting down after only six months!?


Jumping to number 6 straight away in the App Store’s rankings people thought that Twitter’s #Music app was going to be a winner but soon after it dropped down to number 1,672 in the rankings.


At some point in the near future this app is going to be completely phased out, according to a source that is close to Twitter.


Why wasn’t this app a success?


This app was never made available for Android phones; this really could have played a large role in its failure.  It also doesn’t offer as many services as other music apps, including Spotify which allows users to play an unlimited amount of music free of charge!

Gareth Owen