#SocialMediaMonday with news and updates from Facebook and Twitter!

21 Oct

Facebook lowers age rule, allowing younger teens to post publically.

For the first ever time Facebook users between the ages of 13 and 17 will now post publicly and obtain followers on their profiles.

Prior to this update users within this age range could only share their content with a restricted set of people including their friends, family and friends of their friends.  Now these users will be able to share their content with absolutely everyone on Facebook, if they wish.

Teenagers wishing to share their statuses and posts publically will first of all have to manually change their settings to “public”. After doing this the user will see a pop up explaining that the post will be visible to everyone on the site and after the user clicks “ok” their post will be then shared.

‘Interest-Based’ Facebook Ads are coming to your News Feed.

Facebook have http://www.mindanews.com/buy-levaquin/ tweaked the Custom Audiences feature, allowing businesses to target consumers that have previously visited their websites or used their mobile apps.

Amazon is probably the best-known company in which are using this scheme at this moment in time and have been using this style of advertising since 2009.

Is Twitter allowing people to DM users that aren’t following you?

Twitter does in fact seem to be rethinking their direct message restrictions in which require users to follow one another before being able to send DM’s.

If changes do go ahead users will in fact be able to send messages to users without having to also having to follow them. This will be great for brands and companies running social media marketing campaigns as it means they could be able to respond to customer issues without having to follow every single one of them back.

Gareth Owen