Have you been wondering why your Facebook Feed is currently full of Giraffes!?

30 Oct

Have you noticed that there’s a large number of Giraffes currently popping up on your news feed? Perhaps you are yet to figure out where they are all coming from, and why!  RS Digital discusses…

No, your friends have not all been on a zoo/safari trip behind your back, and there hasn’t been any major Giraffe based news. It is simply Facebook’s newest meme, or annoying prank as some users would definitely see it.

The Giraffe trend has most definitely gone viral, there is no questioning that but what does this trend involve? A riddle! Yes that’s right a riddle, people who choose to play send the riddler a message with what they believe is the answer to the riddle, if their answer is incorrect they then have to change their display picture to one of nature’s tallest mammals.

We are still unsure about who started this trend but we know one thing, and that’s that we are glad to be seeing multiple Giraffes than the usual Facebook scams and fake viral  images.


Gareth Owen