Social media is now too important to be left out of marketing strategies

21 Apr

Social Media ServicesWhen customers and clients need assistance, they now expect companies to offer it quickly and efficiently through social media channels. However, it is apparent that the majority of companies are still not set up to do this and in turn they are losing customers and making already customers incredibly unhappy.

Since 2013 the number of customers expecting quick responses through social media has not only increased but doubled, yet according to new research from Sprout Social a whopping 7 out of 8 messages to companies on social channels are not answered within the first 72 hours.

With today’s consumers now expecting more from companies, people are seeking actively for brands that engage with them online and in turn this can often be a decider for whether they choose to purchase from a particular buy effexor uk company or not. To ensure maximum business and profit it is therefore best practice to opt for professional social media assistance – as this will allow for an entire team to be there, not only replying to any messages but also to push and drive sales and revenue through content and advertisements.

If your company is yet to join social media or perhaps has joined but is unaware of how to utilise it in the most efficient and effective ways, here at RS Digital our social media team hold all of the experience and knowledge needed to assist you. If you would like further information on our social media services or would like a FREE quote today, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01282 452096.


Gareth Owen