RS Digital And The World Of SEO

17 Sep

At RS Digital, it’s our job to provide the service of pulling your website out from the shadows and flinging it into the sun. The sun being a high ranking on numerous search engines. It takes a great deal of care and knowledge to do this, involving Pay Per Click Management, Social Media Engagement, Web Design & Development and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Information on these services can be found on our main website at, but we felt it was worth bringing one of the terms to the foreground and explaining just what it is and how we do it. This week it’s the one that brings forth the most ‘huhs’, it’s SEO. Not to be confused with CEO, which often ends up being a common slip of the tongue.

A quick research into Search Engine Optimisation can be a scary and confusing thing. A brief overview will tell you about spiders crawling around the internet, robots and everything being totally meta. It sounds like a post apocalyptic movie being played out behind the scenes, but underneath all the terms you simply have tools in place which seek out keywords, links and just plain old quality content. There’s plenty going on under the hood of a website to aid it’s progression onto search engines, but to understand SEO without the confusion is simply to know that SEO is about pushing a site up the ranks by using the most relevant keywords so it can be found, offering a range of links to help it move throughout the net, and just to write something pure and true. People have a real love interest in all that is interesting, funny and well written, and so these type of posts are the ones that will be found and dragged kicking and screaming onto social networking sites. And as our article ‘How Social Media Impacts SEO’ last week mentioned, to be shared around social circles is a good thing indeed. These techniques are considered white hat techniques, ones that follow the rules and focus on real fleshy human beings.

There is a dark side to SEO however, as for every white hat wearer, someone just has to cause trouble. And these troublemakers don black hats. A black hat SEO user doesn’t care much for long term results, they want it all, and they want it now. To do so they feverishly stuff their content full of keywords and links that create pieces unfit for human consumption, content that pushes the spiders and robots to go into overdrive , but while these nefarious methods can bring results, it isn’t long before Google unleashes their wrath and sends the pages plummeting back to where they belong. These are loveless pieces with no staying power, and at RS Digital we wear the white hat tight. Much like a Stormtrooper would, though they should be skulking about with black hats.

SEO What we do

This is what you get if you go with us for your SEO needs.

At RS Digital we utilise SEO to its fullest potential. We adapt with every change that Google make to their guidebook, and websites are created and tweaked so they can allow those spiders to come crawling on in without finding themselves lost in a labyrinth of dead ends and poor sitemaps. Our methods have brought forth great results for our clients;  catalogue companies through to hair transplant companies, finding success through the implementation of our teachings.

SEO is just one of the ways in which we put clients companies into the limelight on the internet, and next time we’ll have a look at another of the services we offer as a company. For now, don’t have nightmares about spiders lurking in the background. Dream of human interaction and success. Then visit our site at to learn more.

Gareth Owen