Make your website known with PPC advertising.

03 Oct

Pay per Click is one of many different internet marketing techniques, which will enable you to gain more visitors to your website. Pay per Click (PPC) works separately to SEO meaning that it can bring you a bigger return on investment, with a PPC campaign you are only paying each time someone is directed to your website. An advertisement will be created focusing on a keyword, this advertisement can then be displayed each time that keyword or phrase is used helping you to find relevant traffic.

The paid listings are separated from the rankings meaning that your advertisement can be displayed on any of the pages, whether that’s the first page or the eighth page, no matter where your website ranks your PPC advertisement can be displayed on the first page bringing you the traffic you desire. Due to not paying for your advertisement unless it is clicked on it allows your website to be shown an unlimited amount of times until your account balance has been used.

If you choose to run a PPC campaign it can be run on its own or alongside SEO, some people choose to use it when they are only just putting SEO into place. They do this so that they can see an increase of traffic and make their website known while they are waiting for the SEO to take place and have an effect on the websites search engine ranking. PPC can be used as and when it is needed and so some companies choose to use it to advertise special promotions or new products rather than having it in place constantly.

Gareth Owen