It seems that the work never stops here at RS Digital, which is a good thing of course. One thing we are noticing at the moment is the fact that the economy seems to be picking up at a local level, and whilst this is a great sign for everyone, it can also mean that small and medium sized businesses need to get their acts together to ensure that they are getting the local business where possible. Our local SEO expertise is certainly getting put to good use with a good number of our clients and if you are in any doubt about the importance of this aspect of SEO, think again.

The vast majority of small businesses rely on local customers for their business but it does not mean that you can ignore the web because of this. With tablet and smartphone devices, these gadgets are the new phone directories, allowing people to search for local businesses on the world wide web. You may be local but that is where you need to be found. Local SEO means that you stand a better chance of being then business in your area that is located on the web and that is a very important factor. It is wrong to dismiss the importance of this essential locally based element of SEO so do make sure that you are covering all angles. Speak to the experts at RS Digital and make sure that you are not just a global hero but a local hero too!