56% of social network users suffering FOMO?

08 Jul

Social media can be extremely addictive; it can be a slippery slope consumed by people with a syndrome that is commonly known as Fear of Missing Out (FOMO).  People that suffer from this syndrome check their Twitter stream regularly as they are afraid that if they do not they will miss key news and events.  27% of people according to studies said that they check social sites as soon as they wake up!

Today’s incredibly technology enables people to stay more connected than ever, not only with people that they know but also with celebrities! More and more people are now using social media religiously to find out new and information. A survey conducted by MyLife.com showed that 56% of people are afraid that if they didn’t use social media they would miss out on events, news and important celebrity status updates.

Statistics have also shown that many people would be willing to trade other addictions to stay connected in this wonderful way. Around 25% of cigarette users said that they would trade their addictive habit to social networking sites.

Gareth Owen