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12 Mar

We’ve talked about how search engine optimisation (SEO) is key to gaining a presence on search engine services such as Google, and Yahoo, but there are a variety of other methods to gain the most from having a company on the internet, and these services can further enhance your sites business’s ability to bring in sales and a fully engaged following.

Other Online Services 

The range of services outside of SEO includes web design, Pay-Per-Click marketing, social media and conversion rate optimisation. These services compliment SEO perfectly and each offers important features to make your website really stand out on the web.

Web Design is as essential as good SEO, as while users can find a site through SEO, they won’t want to stay on the site long if it chugs and freezes on a regular basis. Ease of use, responsive navigation and a mobile friendly version are the three key points that your site can’t do without in 2015.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing is a way to gain instant adverts on Google by paying per each click. This is a great way to produce extra traffic to a site and the adverts will only appear when the right keywords are searched for, meaning no clicks are wasted.

Social Media allows a company to directly engage its audience, as users can easily follow and send messages to companies via sites such as Twitter, Google+ and Facebook. Social media can see content shared further too, as fans and followers spread it far and wide.

Conversion Rate Optimisation keeps track of all the details on a site, and ways to improve aspects such as speed or keyword usage can be determined and refined. It allows for a site to continue to rise, rather than to stagnate or fall.

Online Marketing with RS Digital 

These are the services we provide at RS Digital, and we have a team in place for each area we provide, with expert knowledge of the respective area to bring about the best results for your company. We can perform as many of the services as your company requires, with packages tailored to accommodate businesses both large and small, we providing internet marketing in Lancashire for everyone.

To view our full range of services and packages, visit our main website page today, and contact a member of the team to kick start your company’s online movements!

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