Without question, this has been a year like none other we’ve seen. With shut downs and the need for social distancing, many futures have become uncertain both personally and professionally. We would just like to start off by saying that we are so incredibly proud to being back in business and ready to get back to work. It’s good to be back and we’re looking forward to using our time off in a positive way to help everyone around us adjust to our collective new normal.

What is our new normal?

Instead of worrying simply about analytics and sales, our new normal becomes existing, surviving and even thriving in a world where social distancing and virtual services are now paramount.

What this means is this:

  • Safety is most important: Since we must all keep our physical distance from each other, many bricks and mortar businesses have to change the way that we do things. What can go virtual — for instance phone-based orders with curb side pick-up — is best done that way. This means that businesses have to make everything as safe and as distanced as possible. Many are turning to online options such as online orders or even video-based shopping where they can stay home and shop with an associate walking them through the store.
  • A focus on digital marketing and SEO: Since you are now looking at taking on a more digital footprint, you also need to put some effort into digital marketing and refined SEO use. This helps you to get the word out that you are open for business, that you’re local, and you’re ready to help get customers what they want, safely. There has never been a better time to start investing more effort and expertise into digital marketing and SEO.
  • Helping local businesses stay afloat: Since the smaller and local businesses can use all of the help they can get to get through these trying and stressful times, we can offer local SEO to help those around you know that you are close, open for what they need, and ready to help. Getting SEO experts to help you do that effectively also makes the most out of your budget so that you can focus on getting the business that you deserve.

Trust the local pros

SEO and online presence is one of those industries that many people dabble in with varying levels of success. You deserve to have the professional’s step in and use our award-winning expertise to help improve your online presence.  Not only are we local just like you, we are back and ready to use our experience and training to help you make your comeback, too!

COVID-19 may still be a harsh reality with many related challenges, but we are here to help you weather the storm together as safely and as profitably as possible.  When it comes to online presence and getting your name out there to those around you, our award-winning SEO is the best way to go.