How SEO can turn a small business into a big presence

15 Mar

It doesn’t matter how small or new your company is – you still have the capacity to get yourself seen on the internet, in a big way!  The web is an opportunity at your fingertips; opening up potentially global audiences and platforms to publicise your service. Here at RS Digital we work with a range of businesses to help them stand out in the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages).

How SEO will help you grow

  • Finding not just traffic, but customers – here at RS Digital we pride ourselves on site optimisation which doesn’t just get people visiting, but most likely to come through to point of purchase. How so? Our SEO targets customers looking to buy, through implementing keyword analysis. This allows our technical team to choose keywords most appropriate to buyers in relation to your service
  • Builds a brand – it not only brings in sales, but secures a symbolic presence for businesses too! SEO can be integrated across internet platforms such as social media and blog sites; therefore allowing your website to be showcased from multiple sources. This is the equivalent of having your fingers in more than one pie
  • Drives quality content – dynamic content and marketing is a big focus for 2016. As SEO evolves all the time, it isn’t just orientated around links and keywords – the text on your site matters too. Google is becoming increasingly aware of replicated and even similar-sounding content, more likely to penalise it. That is why creative text now matters; consider bullet points, lists, tips and even infographics: all aspects which prioritise engagement

Optimise and achieve

Here at RS Digital we care about the capabilities of SEO to increase your online business presence. For more information you can browse our website or give us a call on 01282 452096

Gareth Owen