#SocialMediaMonday with news from Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Pinterest.

23 Sep

This week’s edition of #SocialMediaMonday covers top news and stories from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest! Social media marketing is constantly changing and RS Digital are here to keep you up to date.


Over the past week there has been a wide range of Facebook news to keep up with so we thought we would start by summarising what we think may be of interest to you! With over a quarter of a trillion user photos there is no questioning why Facebook have been boasting about the size of its photo library. Averaging at 350 million photo uploads per day it is currently soaring high above Flickr that is seeing around 3.5 million photos daily.

Photo uploads however are not the only aspect of the social network site that generates a large amount of traffic. Facebook have also reported that users share on average 4.75 billion items of content each day; this includes posts, comments and status updates. In addition they said users generate around 4.5 billion Likes each day and collectively send over a huge 10 billion messages.

New Facebook App for iOS7

Corresponding with the launch of iOS7 Facebook launched a new app on Wednesday! It has been completely redesigned to fit the new operating system but in my opinion the most noticeable change is definitely the apps main navigation bar; previously positioned at the top of the screen it has now moved to the bottom. The new and what I would say improved design has also ditched the tool bar that formerly slid out of the left hand side.

The new navigation bar also has a “More” tab.  This tab allows people open up various areas of Facebook including Events and Photos without them losing where they are in their current tab. This is great as it allows people to start writing a comment, move on to check their events or whatever they may need to check and then go back to finishing their comment without losing their underway comment.

This new app is only available for mobile users; the new design will not be available on iPad as it is believed the old design is much better for iPad use.

Photos of a teenager that committed suicide were included in two online dating ads featured on Facebook!

The girl featured was Rehtaeh Parsons, a 17 year old that hung herself back in April after pictures of her alleged rape went viral online.

Facebook have apologised for this saying that the ads inclusion of the photos were a gross violation of their policies and should not have been included! They have removed the ad and permanently deleted the advertisers account. Although apologising for any harm caused Facebook are yet to explain how they photo appeared in the ad.


Twitter has now made it incredibly easy for celebrities to ignore you!

Introducing a new feature for twitter users with the blue tick, Twitter has given these celebrity users the option to only see tweets from other people that also have the blue tick. In many cases it is completely understandable that a number of celebrities may wish to filter out a range of Tweets that they receive but does this seem slightly unfair on average people that actually have something to say?

One of the greatest things about Twitter in many people’s opinion is that they can communicate with celebrities, getting their points and thoughts heard. With this new filter there is no knowing that they will even be aware of your Tweets. It would definitely better if we could find out which celebrities are filtering their Tweets, this would  avoid people wasting a lot of time and effort writing Tweets that are let’s face it, are pointless.

Twitters new experiment

Magic Recs is an experimental Twitter account in which sends users DM’s with recommendations on who they should follow. An example of this is that if a large number of accounts that you follow all follow a new account you will get a DM notifying you of this. To get this feature you do however have to be following Magic Recs.

Twitter have not made an official announcement as of yet regarding this experiment but it currently appears that it will be open to absolutely any user that is willing to follow the Magic Recs account.


If you have ever wished to be able to watch YouTube videos without having an internet connection you are now in luck.

Late on Tuesday YouTube announced that in November a feature will be enabled to let users add videos to their mobile phones in which they will later be able to watch offline.


On Thursday Pinterest announced that they are going to be experimenting with paid advertising. The product is going to be called “promote pins”, borrowing the name from Twitter and Facebook. The feature will allow businesses to show certain pins at the top of category feeds and search results.

Pinterest founder and CEO, Ben Silbermann has promised that these ads will be completely tasteful; saying that there will no be “flashy banners” or pop up ads. He also stated that they will aim for all of the pins to be relevant to the search and categories.

For now only select businesses and companies will be able to experiment with these promoted pins but in the future I am sure we can expect this option to be offered to many more.

Gareth Owen