Google have announced that they are currently testing longer text ads in search results across all devices; saying that these expanded text ads will be accessible to all advertisers at some point later this year.

Following the removal of the ads previously found on the right-hand side of Google, this update it set to provide advertisers with more flexibility, providing them with the opportunity to give their text ads more characters in a way that will look great on all devices including smartphones and tablets.

What can be expected?

The new ad format will offer two longer headlines of up to 30 characters each and an even longer description line of anything up to an 80 characters. The display URL will also be able to include a maximum of two directory paths which advertisers will likely use to describe their landing page content.

Start planning ASAP…

Google have encouraged all to start planning for this change as soon as possible, and one sure way to make sure that you utilise this change efficiently and effectively is to opt for professional PPC services such as the ones that we can provide here at RS Digital:

We hold all of the knowledge and tools needed to make the most of these updates, as well as any other updates that Google roll out and are constantly in the know about any occurring changes within the industry. If you would like to discuss your PPC campaign with a member of our team or perhaps you would like a PPC campaign creating for the very first time you can call our team today on 01282 452096.