Facebook Report Reveals Strong Figures for 2014

03 Feb

The latest Facebook Report has been released, and the results for the company are positive, thanks to increased profits, especially in the area of advertising revenue, making it a desirable platform for businesses to be part of.

The Report 

The report details fourth-quarter profits of £462 million, a 34% increase from the year before. This figure has been achieved largely thanks to the increase in ad revenue, which grew by a massive 53%, a large portion coming from mobile ad sales. With over 1.39 billion users, a 13% increase over 2013, it’s easy to see why the company has been able to yield such positive profits.

Mark Zuckerberg put it best by simply saying, ‘We got a lot done in 2014.’

A combination of mobile ad revenue, Facebook Video, R & D work, purchases of Instagram, WhatsApp and Oculus Rift, all contributed to that busy year, with profits almost double 2013 with $2.9 billion achieved.

Continuing to invest and explore new technologies has helped Facebook continue to stay ahead of the competition, and other social sites need to innovate and study just how Facebook is achieving these results.

And it isn’t just Facebook who are reaping all the profits, a company making full use of the social network site can find themselves receiving a larger customer base with the use of intelligent social media techniques and  thorough planning.

The Importance of Social Media

Facebook’s latest figures shows that social media is a force to be reckoned with, an a company having a social media presence can draw in a key audience willing to share blog posts and offers to further improve a company’s reach.

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