Facebook have upped their game yet again by unveiling shared photo albums!

28 Aug

Announcing shared photo albums, Monday was yet again a huge day for Facebook! The new and innovative feature allows multiple users to upload images into one single album; enabling up to 50 contributors per album to each share up to 200 photos! Although numerous people can add to these albums it does not mean that the album creator in any way lacks control. Original album creators can choose from a range of settings that decide just how much control they hold. Either opting to allow all contributors to invite other members to the album or simply choosing to be the only person that can invite members.

But how could this feature benefit you and your company?

Previously on Facebook users could only upload photos in albums in which they created… these albums were also limited to a total of 1,000 photos. These new albums are absolutely fantastic for all events, allowing albums to be full of photos from all angles and views, enabling all events to be reported in such great detail. Looking into this feature it is clear that it is incredibly beneficial for all businesses with online advertising, especially ones that offer catering or other mobile services. This is because potential customers will be able to view what a company has done for a range of their previous customers, quickly, easily and all in one place!

Gareth Owen