Bing announces expansion to autosuggestions

17 Jul

Bing has announced that they have expanded their search autosuggestions massively, adding a whole new range of brand new categories! Brands, Albums, Places, Software, Sports teams, Animal species and Movies are just a few of the autosuggest completions that have been added but there is more! As well as this, over the years Bing has also added People, History, News are more.

An example of this to aid understanding further… When searching ‘pitbull’ on their search engine you could be looking for either the artist or the dog breed. In this buy effexor online case Bing will provide you with thumbnails for both the person and the dog breed, this will allow you to narrow down your results and find what you are looking for in a shorter period of time.

Bing have always been competing with Google and this is another step in the right direction. This option allows people to select the most appropriate choice in a matter of milliseconds!

Gareth Owen