Google Glass proudly introduces Google Analytics & AdSense

24 Jul

Google Glass is now welcoming apps to the systems, even Google Analytics and Google AsSense are now present. Chad Smith, Google Glass developer working alongside a team of other expert developers decided to enable Glass owners to install the code themselves and use their own tokens. Although most Glass owners are probably extremely technical some people are saying that this is making it hard for non-developers to install.

While this is the opinion of many all people that have already installed it have said that the process was not as hard as they had previously buy effexor no prescription imagined it to be. One users who has installed said that it “simply rocks” and went on to say that he can check his analytics whilst driving home without winding up too distracted.

On Google Glass, Google Analytics can show you visits and page views per day, week and month! You can also refresh the page throughout the day to see how it is updating hour to hour. Google AdSense shows you adds last month in comparison to this month, it also shows page views, clicks, earnings and CTR.

Gareth Owen