Articles and press releases an addition to any campaign

26 Nov

Articles and press releases are an aspect of SEO which combines a number of different parts of SEO together to produce something which helps with link building and keyword recognition.

Articles are written by our copywriters who create unique articles for you each month, articles are not specifically about your company but will focus much more on your industry. Your article will contain a resource box which is about your company and this will contain your keyword and a link to your website. You will be able to choose the keyword which your article focuses on and our copywriters will be given this keyword to write an article around. When your article has been completed it will be submitted to our database of approved article directories, and a report regarding the amount of submissions will be updated to our client record management system ‘The Brain’ where you will be able to access all information regarding your campaign.

Press releases are written about you as a company and what you offer, they can be used as promotional tools featuring a new product, a sale or special offers, you may have won an award and want that to be known on the World Wide Web. Each press release contains original content which is written by our copywriters, when the press release has been completed it will be submitted to our database of directories, ensuring that it is only submitted to websites which can aid your campaign.

Article and press releases are a great addition to your campaign and they have proven to be a valuable tool.

Gareth Owen