According to recent results of a survey released by the Effective Leadership in the Digital Age report, a massive 98% of people think that technological skill is either important or very important to being a leader. This has big implications for 2016: set to be a year where the most effective individuals and businesses, whatever their industry, strive forward with digital developments. Digital is seen as especially important to leadership, as it unlocks so many ways of managing people, communication and resources. For example an effective leader may keep in regular contact with colleagues via Skype, advertise across social media and maximise their website visibility through search optimisation campaigns.

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Here at RS Digital, that is why we offer high quality digital marketing services; to give every business the chance of being a leader in their field. We’ve been building leading websites for a number of years; everything from development and design, to implementing effective PPC campaigns. Yet what is crucial, as the figures suggest, is that the people involved understand the process too. This means they can become leaders, not just their websites! We believe that turning business people into better leaders lies in involving them wholly in digital process – so we give our every client the complete information about the services we provide. This means you can not only benefit from our business services, but get clued-up too.

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There is an evident demand to for more business people to boost their credibility, make themselves a leader and step up. Although such a high percentage of people expect digital literacy, the figures also show that just 28% of the respondents said the leaders were ‘very technology literate’: so room for improvement. Here at RS Digital we want to help businesses make those gains online, as it is essential, and for more information you can visit our main website: